Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creation of Healing Made Simple

At last, something designed naturally to supply a need for man’s mind, body and soul. Healing Made Simple was created to provide humanity a unique, inexpensive healing solution to the many dis-eases that are plaguing bodies and minds today. Every BODY deserves to be healed, every MIND deserves to be at peace and every SPIRIT should be free to guide the body and mind through the different dimensions of LOVE, PEACE and JOY experienced during one’s lifetime.

We believe that every dis-ease starts on the level of the spirit and can only be healed by taking the proper steps mentally to bring about a restoration physically. The purpose of the mind is to receive and process directions from the spirit to guide the body to destiny. Studies have shown that it is the spirit that conveys to the mind, which tells the body a vital shift of elevation in the level of one’s consciousness is needed, producing alarms that are portrayed as dis-eases in one's being. These alarms can be signals ranging from “you are headed in the wrong direction” to “you do not love your BODY completely”, all stemming from an overdrive of fear.

Years of research has been conducted to formulate products that will regenerate the body, mind and spirit in a natural, pure, practical, simple, yet efficient and effective way. We have found the best way to restore health is immersing the body in water to help calm the muscles, bringing about a stillness in the mind. Our products begin a purification process with the use of salt, as a catalyst, to emit healing vibrations to the body. A healing meditation is given to realign the mind, body and spirit to it’s original mental frequency. Each healing creation is formed individually with the intention of restoring, regenerating and realigning the body, mind and spirit to optimal function.

With our unique creations, Healing Made Simple hopes to drive the consciousness of mankind to exploring life at the greatest potential, free of artificial ingredients and chemically based products. Making known the truth of humanity being created to be immortal, with each breath taken in to release glory and LIGHT!

Order your bottle of healing salt today, you will be amazed!

Be the LIGHT!

Divine healing a simple way!

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