Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Most Deadliest Disease is FEAR (part 1)

Why haven't medical doctors let the world know that the only thing causing about 90% of our dis-eases is fear. Fear is the deadliest emotion in the world today. Through grace the Most High continues to show a truth that there are only 2 emotions that we are capable of expressing, fear and love. After pondering that for a minute, pay close attention to your actions, thoughts and feelings. Fear can be defined as being in apprehension of evil or being afraid. Love is one of those words that can not be defined because it is ever increasing, but for this post we will say that love is the only thing in life that never fails.

Think about this:

When angry with others, we say cruel things because we are afraid of what is happening or hurt by what has been done and/or said to us...when we lie, we are fearing others response to the truth...when we close ourselves off from others, we are afraid of being hurt...when we try to control others, we are afraid they will leave us...all of these stemming from fear, creating high stress levels, high blood pressure, anxiety, clogging of arteries and more.

On the other hand, when we receive a much needed hug, every fiber in our being is recharged...when we receive a nice word from someone, we feel appreciated...when given a gift we've been wanting, we know someone cares...when enjoying a conversation with a good friend, it's been proven that our minds are at ease...all of these blossom love, creating a shield of protection for our mind, body and soul and a setting for one to grow.

Every second, we choose to operate in fear or love sowing lasting affects in our bodies. Love produces endorphins that stimulate the immune system, reduces pain, and promote a sense of well being. Fear produces cortisol that increases body weight, depression and fatigue.

Everyday we are given choices to create our hopes and dreams. Fear births disorder, anger, lies, diseases, bitterness, evil, confusion, depression producing death. Love births joy, prosperity, peace, truth, honesty, patience, freedom, healing producing life. With each thought and action you make, choose love over fear. It will save your life and could save others!


Divine healing a simple way

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  1. Hi Marla, So true. If we trace back most of our emotions to the root it either stems from fear or love. Great, Great Blog...Keep up the good work. Also thanks for dropping by and for your kind words.