Thursday, May 13, 2010

Healing is simple (part 1)

We would like the world to know the truth -- it is a CHOICE you make to live with or without sickness and disease. The secret is what and how you think.

As a man thinketh it, so is he.

It is our thoughts that make us sick. Yes, our diet has much to do with it also. But it's not what goes in the mouth that create dis-ease, but what comes out. And what comes out is what's on the mind and what's in our hearts. If you're in need of healing, you may be thinking I haven't thought about being sick, depressed or overweight, but have you thought about the pureness of your being.

If a survey was conducted on 100 people who were just diagnosed with an illness, 90% of them would admit that in the last year they hadn't thought much about the wholeness of their being, because they felt healthy 90% of the time. They would probably express how they thought about bills that needed to be paid, insubordinate children, arguments with their spouse and a number of chaotic issues that weigh the mind down, hindering and limiting the flow of LIGHT to keep the body 100%.

For centuries, we have been taught to control our issues by allowing the mind to figure them out, but we were created to feed our minds the truth within our spirit, our pure self. The truth of thoughts creating our destiny is transforming many people today because they have started taking the proper steps mentally to manifest and attract miracles in their lives.

The process of healing starts with the renewing of our minds. With each healing creation prepared, a healing meditation is included. This makes the process of healing easy for the individual. By affirming the truth of the wholeness in your body, mind and soul helps you create tranquility in your life. Don't believe so? We challenge you to say for a week, several times a day out loud,

I open my heart to LOVE, and LOVE flows through every atom and pore of my body, energizing, molding and coordinating

After doing this, tell us how you feel and what thoughts you have let go and what new thoughts were created. If nothing happens, then do another week. Healing is simple, it's our undisciplined minds that can be difficult. Healing can happen overnight, but depending on the mentality of an individual, it also, can take weeks and even months to bring about a total restoration. All it takes is knowing that healing is for you, belief in the truth that you are healed, and applying the truth even when you don't feel like it! It's that simple....believing is achieving!

***If you would like more information about how changing your thoughts can change your life, download for FREE from our store the most widely acclaimed book, As a man thinketh, written by James Allen, that has help awaken millions to the truth of who we are for over 107 years.

Be the LIGHT!

Divine healing a simple way

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