Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Layout & FREE Simply Healing Salt

We are keeping it SIMPLE, here at!! Hope you like the new layout, let us know if the navigation is bad.

Also, don't forget you can try out our product for FREE (we want you to know what you're getting and how you will feel each time you use our products!) Receive a sample of our LOVE fragrance Simply Healing Salt FREE, only pay $2.00 for shipping and handling!

LOVE is one of our home blended fragrance, that is a mixture of many therapeutic essential oils blended together to create an amazing fragrance that promotes a meditative stillness to bring awareness of the oneness of all things and enhance the LOVE within.

Each of our products are made with LOVE & LIGHT!

Click here to order your sample!

Divine healing a simple way!

Be the LIGHT!

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