Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Affirm YOURself

We’ve all heard the truth “Speak those things as though that be not, as they were”, but how many of us actually do it?

About 2 years ago, we became fascinated with manifesting our dreams with the spoken word. Everything that exists from “old and new” are products from words that have been spoken. Everyday we speak goodness and peace, or fear and deceit. And wonder why our lives are filled with so much negativity.

We here at Healing Made Simple have seen our lives change right before our eyes by speaking the truth about our existence on this planet. Everyday, we speak over our families, our circumstances, our bodies, our personalities, our friends and even our foes. By taking 10 minutes a day to speak life, goodness and peace we have seen miracles happen that include pain being ceased, fear forming to love, transformation of doubt into certainty, we’ve even seen hair growth.

In our past blog on HEALING, we gave an affirmation to start saying to yourself daily. How has it helped you? Any new thoughts? How do you feel? Hopefully, the universe has revealed that you are LOVE and that everything around you is LOVE. Our future is in the palm of our hands and created with our speech, all it takes is a few minutes for the universe to hear you say that you are aware of your power!

Try this one out this week:

“The truth of my being is eternal”!

Watch how the world around you begins to awaken you to this truth and take you to new heights! Always remember, what you say, you cre-ate! So, what are you speaking?

Be the LIGHT!

Divine healing a simple way!

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